What Makes Guitar Playing a Great Hobby

Guitar is one of the easiest musical instruments to play. The key to easily learn to play guitar is a good ear, a good guitar and a good amount of practice and patience. If you get to overcome all of these, guitar playing could be a worthwhile hobby.

There are two ways you can learn playing the guitar. You can either learn it with an expert or a teacher or you can learn it on your own through video tutorials online and experimenting on the chords. Some of the greatest guitar players of all time have formal music training such as John Mayer, Paul Gilbert, Ritchie Blackmore, etc. However some successful guitarists of bands have learned guitar playing on their own, such as Jack White and Dave Grohl.

Before you make guitar playing a hobby, you must of course learn to play the guitar. Learning to play the guitar is pretty simple but requires tons of patience. The basic steps in learning to play a guitar are:
• Holding the guitar correctly
• Holding the pick properly
• Tuning the guitar
• Strumming appropriately
• Playing the chords
• Practicing regularly

Another factor that you have to consider if you want guitar playing as a hobby is the type of guitar you want to play. For most musicians, they start with the acoustic guitar and move on to the electronic guitar. Another kind of guitar popularly used by musicians is the bass guitar.

Familiarization of different techniques in playing the guitar is where it gets tricky. Strumming is the widely used method of playing, especially for rock and folk music. Practice strumming on a guitar. It is not that hard to learn. You’ll find yourself playing like Eric Clapton in no time.

Another guitar playing technique that is used in different genre of music is the guitar picking. This one of the basics that is complicated to time especially when played along other instruments. However, it is one of the most pleasant sounding techniques.

Guitar playing is a great hobby for the most part because it is relaxing. Listening to music is calming enough. How much more if you are the one making it? It is great stress buster. Not only that, when people pour their feelings into a guitar, they make the loveliest melodies.

Aside from the therapeutic effect of music, one big factor that makes people play guitar is the global industry that depends on it. If you know how to make music, it can eventually be profitable. You can make music and upload it on SoundCloud or YouTube and you can possibly earn from it. If you are serious about your craft, you can also send them to producers.

The simple pleasure that comes from guitar playing not only relies on expressing yourself through tunes but also on the smile people give you when you play a song for them. After all, an important objective of music is to entertain.

The Art of Keeping it Simple

Our lives seem to become more and more complex, and seem to go faster and faster. Fifty years ago life didn’t seem that hectic. We had no cell phones, and no organizers to put our lives together.

When you needed eggs you went to the grocery store around the corner. There you could also buy your toilet paper and shampoo.

Choosing bread was easy; there was white and brown bread. These days it is almost a science to understand all the different whole grain, partly whole grain, not so whole grain, and what-have-you types of bread.

In this article I want to illustrate a couple of things that you can do to simplify your life, and to get back into control. This way you will have more time for the things that matter, and you will experience less stress

Keep a Simple Paper Agenda

Look at your left and right, or otherwise feel your pockets. Chances are you’re looking at a wonderful piece of technology that we call a Smartphone. Is it an iPhone or an Android model?

Has your life really become more organized since you own one of these phones? My suggestion is to go back to the paper agenda’s that your bank tries to give you every end of the year.

Around Christmas each year you pick up a new one. On the second day of Christmas you copy the relevant contacts from the running year to your new agenda, and you’re all set for the New Year. Really, nothing can beat paper. Not even an iPhone.

And while we’re on the subject anyways, trade your iPhone for a simple dumb phone. One that does two things: wake you up in the morning and make phone calls. That’s all you need.

Make Your Own Shampoo

I’ve chosen for shampoos in this article, but it might as well have been toothpaste. Have you ever read the label on the latest bottle of shampoo you bought? Chances are you haven’t. I am almost 100% sure that your shampoo contains a substance called sulfate (it will say something like SLS, or sulfate or so).

Do you have any idea what this does? It makes your shampoo foam so you get the idea that your hair gets really clean.

Somehow we associate the foaminess of shampoos with the cleanliness of our hair. Your hair will get just as clean if you make your shampoo yourself, and it’s really easy.

Take two tablespoons of glycerin with ½ cup of water. Add some lemon juice as a preservative. You can then add a teaspoon of almond oil for shiny hair, or some beer if you want to make a volume boosting shampoo.

Your shampoo will be totally organic and will not contain any sulfates. Good for you, good for Mother Nature.

Eat the Same Food

Most people have way too many cookbooks than they will ever be able to eat food.

The remedy is to take a binder where you put in only the foods that you really like. There is a good chance that there will be no more than 30 recipes in there.

You than give each of those a number, and randomly pick a number everyday that will determine your dinner choice.

If you make sure that your 30 recipes are healthy foods, than you have also secured a healthy diet.

Simply the art of keeping it simple.